Intermediate Skaters

You will by now be quite proficient on the ice. You may have joined your local club and your coach may have suggested that you start to take part in beginner competitions such as a Spin Spiral Jump event, run by the rink club. This is a great time to think about a skating dress and we have some lovely dresses at the shop for your to come and try on. Once you have reached NISA Beginner Level (you will need the completed Skate UK Passport) you can apply to Open Competitions run by other rinks in the UK. Some skaters cannot find exactly the right costume and decide to have a bespoke costume made - SkateCat supply bespoke costumes via Karen Matcham Design.

At this point, you will probably need stronger boots, more suited to single jumps and spins or faster dance steps. The boot you choose should fit you properly as skating in poorly fitting boots will stop you from skating at your best. Poorly fitting boots can lead to foot and toe problems and even though you might be tempted to buy a larger size for growth room, it is likely that the boot will break down early and need to be replaced more quickly. We prefer to fit boots in our shop as a number of different options may need to be tried before finding the perfect fit. We offer discounts related to purchase value for boots sold at our shop. SkateCat stock a large range of sizes for more experienced skaters, although if you are coming from a distance, you may like to call to check on size/brand availability in advance. We stock competition tights, Zuca Bags and other items useful to intermediate skaters.

For higher level Intermediate skaters we have boot only options and are happy to mount the blades as required. We have a professional Boot Oven for shaping heat mouldable boots to help achieve the most comfortable fit.