Risport Antares Ice Skates - Junior


  • Beginner Figure Skating Boot
  • Stiffness Rating 30
  • Waterproof Leather upper
  • Highly breathable lining
  • Easy hooks for lacing
  • Supportive soft rear profile
  • Padded tongue profile
  • Boot is supplied with fitted blade
  • Advice relating to fitting available by telephone, or email Fitting appointment at SkateCat in Bletchley

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This boot is suitable for early beginners starting learn to skate programmes or working with initial individual coaching. It is not strong enough to be suited to jumps where a stronger boot would give more ankle support to avoid injury. It is a little stronger than the Risport Venus and is therefore more suited to adult skaters just starting out. It is made by the well respected skating boot manufacturer, Risport, one of the top brands for high level skaters down to earliest beginners. The boot is supplied with a blade fitted.
Additional Information
Price £105.00
Manufacturer Risport
Type Boot and Blade
Size Guide

Figure Skate Sizing

GBEuBoot International
GB-9 Eu-27 Intl 185
GB-10 Eu-28 Intl 190
GB-11 Eu-29 Intl 195
GB-12 Eu-30 Intl 200
GB-12.5 Eu-31 Intl 205
GB-13 Eu31.5 Intl 210
GB-13.5 Eu-32 Intl 215
GB-1 Eu-33 Intl 220
GB-1.5 Eu-34 Intl 225
GB-2 Eu-34.5 Intl 230
GB-2.5 Eu-35 Intl 235
GB-3 Eu-36 Intl 240
GB-4 Eu-37 Intl 245
GB-4.5 Eu-37.5 Intl 250
GB-5 Eu-38 Intl 255
GB-5.5 Eu-39 Intl 260
GB-6.5 Eu-40 Intl 265
GB-7 Eu-40.5 Intl 270
GB-7.5 Eu-41 Intl 275
GB-8 Eu-42 Intl 280
GB-8.5 Eu-42.5 Intl 285
GB-9 Eu-43 Intl 290
GB-9.5 Eu-44 Intl 295
GB-10.5 Eu-45 Intl 300
GB-11.5 Eu-46 Intl 305
GB-12 Eu-47 Intl 310