Jackson Mystique Figure Skate Girls JS 1491


  • Polyurethane coated leather upper
  • Strength rating 10-15
  • Available from US size 8 (UK size 6) Junior
  • Soft padded top with synthetic microfibre lining
  • Flex notch at ankle for easy knee bend
  • Comfort ankle padding
  •   Foam backed vinyl/mesh tongue
  •       Stylish PVC outsole
  • Jackson all-purpose chrome blade
  • Typical despatch within 1-5 working days

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Jackson are a well known and respected brand and meet the needs of figure skaters from beginner to professional. The Mystique is one of the best leisure/beginner Ice Skates available, taking skaters up to the start of single jumps and early spins. This boot is ideal for beginner up to NISA Learn to Skate badge 10. The fit tends to favour those with a squarer shaped or wider shoe width due to the more generous toe area. Skates should be chosen 1/2 to 1 size below the standard UK shoe size with a maximum 1cm growth room for children’s boots.
Additional Information
Price £99.00
Manufacturer Jackson
Type Boot and Blade Combination
Size Guide

Figure Skate Sizing

GBEuBoot International
GB-9 Eu-27 Intl 185
GB-10 Eu-28 Intl 190
GB-11 Eu-29 Intl 195
GB-12 Eu-30 Intl 200
GB-12.5 Eu-31 Intl 205
GB-13 Eu31.5 Intl 210
GB-13.5 Eu-32 Intl 215
GB-1 Eu-33 Intl 220
GB-1.5 Eu-34 Intl 225
GB-2 Eu-34.5 Intl 230
GB-2.5 Eu-35 Intl 235
GB-3 Eu-36 Intl 240
GB-4 Eu-37 Intl 245
GB-4.5 Eu-37.5 Intl 250
GB-5 Eu-38 Intl 255
GB-5.5 Eu-39 Intl 260
GB-6.5 Eu-40 Intl 265
GB-7 Eu-40.5 Intl 270
GB-7.5 Eu-41 Intl 275
GB-8 Eu-42 Intl 280
GB-8.5 Eu-42.5 Intl 285
GB-9 Eu-43 Intl 290
GB-9.5 Eu-44 Intl 295
GB-10.5 Eu-45 Intl 300
GB-11.5 Eu-46 Intl 305
GB-12 Eu-47 Intl 310