Graf 500 Ice Skates - Adult


  • Designed by the well known skate manufacturer, Graf Of Switzerland
  • Full leather uppers, leather lining and foam quarter padding
  • Forward flex notch and a shaped flexible tongue
  • Mirror finished Graf A4 Blades attached with screws
  • This model is suitable for all types of entry level skating
  • Please note eye-lets have a brass finish not white

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The Graf 500 is an ideal boot for early levels of figure skating. It has more support than the entry level Bolero and will take the skater up to beginner jumps. Care should be taken to ensure a good fit without too much movement within the boot. If the Graf boot suits the skater, higher level boots will exhibit very similar features to the 500 style, allowing the skater to make an easy transition to stronger boots without needing to adjust. To ensure a good fit, make sure the heel is securely held by the boot and that there is not too much room at the front of the boot. It is a advisable to have no more than 1cm of growth room in the boot for children as too much space causes instability, poor foot positioning, and boot breakdown. It is typical for the boot to be 1/2 to 1 size smaller than the shoe size as there is no need for the sole to bend, unlike walking shoes.
Additional Information
Price £95.00
Manufacturer Graf
Type Boot and Blade Combination
Size Guide

Figure Skate Sizing

GBEuBoot International
GB-9 Eu-27 Intl 185
GB-10 Eu-28 Intl 190
GB-11 Eu-29 Intl 195
GB-12 Eu-30 Intl 200
GB-12.5 Eu-31 Intl 205
GB-13 Eu31.5 Intl 210
GB-13.5 Eu-32 Intl 215
GB-1 Eu-33 Intl 220
GB-1.5 Eu-34 Intl 225
GB-2 Eu-34.5 Intl 230
GB-2.5 Eu-35 Intl 235
GB-3 Eu-36 Intl 240
GB-4 Eu-37 Intl 245
GB-4.5 Eu-37.5 Intl 250
GB-5 Eu-38 Intl 255
GB-5.5 Eu-39 Intl 260
GB-6.5 Eu-40 Intl 265
GB-7 Eu-40.5 Intl 270
GB-7.5 Eu-41 Intl 275
GB-8 Eu-42 Intl 280
GB-8.5 Eu-42.5 Intl 285
GB-9 Eu-43 Intl 290
GB-9.5 Eu-44 Intl 295
GB-10.5 Eu-45 Intl 300
GB-11.5 Eu-46 Intl 305
GB-12 Eu-47 Intl 310