John Wilson Gold Seal Figure Skate Blades


  • Tapered Side Honed Standard Blade
  • Narrowed at the tail to reduce friction
  • Rocker 8ft
  • Radius Of Hollow 7/16”
  • Size Range 8"-12”
  • Cross Cut Toe Pick
  • Also available in Parabolic

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The The John Wilson Gold Seal design has become one of the industry standards for higher level skating blades. John Wilson, the orginal blade manufacturers, have been making these blades since 1959 and they have been used by many past champions, including the current ladies World Champion Evgenia Medvedeva. The definitive free skating blade designed for the optimum performance, the Gold Seal blade features solid sole plates for increased rigidity and a taper hollow ground, giving increased bite on edges.
Additional Information
Price £324.00
Manufacturer John Wilson