Gel Ankle Protection Tubes


  • The soft Silicon gel tube helps absorb and eliminate friction, pressure and shock
  • Excellent results when worn with figure skates
  • One 24 cm tube is enough for two ankle protectors
  • Gel inside with beige fabric outer layer
  • Eliminates painful chafing and rubbing
  • Washable and Reusable
  • Latex Free
  • Non Slip



Similar to the Bunga Pads Jel Tubes, these are designed to take away some of the discomfort around the ankle area experienced with new boots.
Additional Information
Price £23.00
Size (Junior) No
Size (Adult) No
Rockerz 1 No
Rockerz 2 No
Rockerz 3 No
Rockerz 4 No
Manufacturer Jerrys
Size No
Type protective gear
Style No
Lace Length (cm) No
Blade Length No
Blade Manufacturer No
Blade Model No
Colour No