Bespoke Clothing


Through my bespoke costume design website (, we can offer you the opportunity to have a costume made just for you. Having had an involvement with the skating world for many years now, thanks to my daughter’s passion for the sport, I know how hard it can be to find the perfect costumes for competitions. In the end, the solution was for me to make a bespoke costume for my daughter myself. Thanks to having learned a lot from my mother who taught fashion and design, my daughter's costumes were a hit and I began to design for an increasing number of skaters.

I take my inspiration from the music and any ideas the skater would like to incorporate, and I can advise and make suggestions on fabrics, colours, styles, etc. Using my knowledge of fashion and design, I aim to bring new styles to the world of skating. Typically this is through simple shapes, flattering lines, current fashion ideas and unusual colour and fabric combinations. I work closely with each skater and guide them through the design and creation process, sketching suggestions and using their personal style to create something that will captivate both the wearer and the audience.

My design skills expand to other bespoke items, such as dance, gymnastic and other artistic performance costumes, prom dresses, fancy dress, etc, so feel free to get in touch about other made to order requests.

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