Learning to Skate - First Ice Skating Boots

Once you have decided to purchase your first pair of skating boots, you are probably anticipating a visit to the rink on a more regular basis. If you want to learn how to skate properly, you can either enrole on the rink based group schemes or ask for a private coached session. SkateCat are happy to help new skaters choose the most suitable boots and can offer suggestions for clothing and other accessories as you begin to skate more often.

Whilst it may be tempting to purchase a very cheap pair of skates, please bear in mind that you should have proper support around the ankle area and correctly sized boots to give you the best chance of achieving your skating goals. The hire skates at the rink are stronger and give you more support than some of the cheapest skates available online and for this reason, SkateCat only supply skates which are suitable for safely taking part in early skating lessons. These are manufactured by well established skating brands - Graf, Risport, Edea, and Jackson. We recommend a visit to our shop to have your boots properly fitted, however if this is not possible you can measure your foot from toe to heel and if you call us with this information, we can help you choose the best size and style to suit your skating and foot shape.

You may also need a skate bag, soakies (to keep moisture from damaging your blades) blade guards (for walking at the side of the rink) and gloves with gripper dots - look out for special offers for new skaters.